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Cyber Security Solutions

Today's threats are far more sophisticated and the fact more of us are remote working has created blind spots for IT.

Network Solutions

Companies have seen an explosion of new devices, applications and types of users on their networks which make it hard for IT teams to ensure network performance.

Data Protection

To protect data, first you need visibility and the ability to actively calculate risk of all assets and communications in and out and through your Network. Without this you won’t keep ahead of the next attack.

Back-Up Solutions

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-accredited with UK infrastructure network uses Safedata Storage own servers and storage hosted in two ISO 27001 accredited data centres.

Managed Solutions

We are currently looking for Vendors that have cutting edge solutions and whom can offer these smaller companies a more cost effective way to protect their Endpoints, Network and valuable data.

Website Tools

Many companies use a CDN to speed up the delivery of web content by caching content like images in edge servers geographically closer to the end user.

Are you wasting your time with your current Distributor?

Everything we do comes from what we wanted from our IT Distributors and never got. We believe our experience of setting up and running reseller channels for Cyber vendors is why we get better traction in the UK and know what’s needed to drive conversations and sales

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Reasons to Partner with Wise

Most Vendors use the same marketing channel and techniques that their competitors do. So what tends to happen is they get lost in the noise or the company with the most budget wins. At Wise we use gorilla style marketing and do things a little different to get your solution and brand noticed.

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We are the only Distributor that is digitally led first.

We don't take on a competitive solution to give you laser focus.

We don't work like any other IT or Cyber Distributor to get you results.

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